Jesus as our savior

He’s in us all as our savior. We are awakening into what has been surpressed to us for eions of time. We have more to go, than logic and the physical sphere. The great spiritual awakening. We are waking up as spiritual beings having an human experience.

Our feelings are powerful. But we have been learn not to feel to much. Use logic as our map. That’s not wrong. But what about both sides – The devine feminine is about feelings and it’s about to wake up.

Jesus is our example. What to do,  and how to behave. He also did healing. He was a man before his time. And after 2000 years, he’s still to be remembered.

So, then – do you believe?

Have you tried to pray? It works, even if you don’t believe. The most important is, that you have the opportunity to try! Maybe you will find the truth inside of you – if you just give trust into praying and believing in a greather source than yourself. There are hopes and miracles to be truth. Anyway..

To me Jesus will be no. 1. Because he gave us the power of love and the humility of grace. The most important message is Love. The energy of love, it can conquer fear, and it does. Okey? Religion can be a prison. We’re free thinkers, feelers and we are ~ as in this moment, of the «now». Difficult, but possible.

Maybe all religions were from the same source, as in the beginning.

As long as I have Jesus as my savior, I’m blessed. I feel that. But also the angels do help:





Wake up to your true potential. We’re all human conciousness. As the cells in our body are a unity of wholeness. You can see humans as the cells of human conciousness in the universe.  We have been surpressed for thousands of years. Now we’re together breaking out of this unfair, sad, war, pain and suffering – world. It’s a new beginning, if you want to. Dream about how you want life on earth to be, and create it around you, as best as you can.

The war between fear and love ~which side do you choose?

The traumas and pain can be released. Feel it, deeply – then release it and heal it. Let the source of light and healing getting through to you – into the empty space, where pain once was. The «other side» will help you.

Much love ❤️